ALLEGHENY CREW                     .....Americas' Premier Shell Transport Trailer
Trailer Options
We understand that each team has individual preferences.  Allegheny Trailers offers a number of additional options to allow teams to customize their trailer to meet those preferences.  Take a look below to determine what options you might like incorporated into your custom-built trailer. If you have a preference that is not on the list, let us know.  We will design it for you and incorporate the change into our standard design.  Remember, we are a build-to-order shop!

Standard Allegheny Trailers Options:

1. Led Lighting System
2. Light Bar
3. Removable Platforms
4. Fixed Platforms
5. Customizable Tool Box
6 Galvanizing ( for Steel Trailers)
7. Removable X-arm (Alum)
8. Custom Paint designs (Steel)
9. Air Deflection Cross Arms (Improved Gas Mileage!!)
10. Backup  Spotlights
11. Expanded Cargo Areas
12. Expanded Width Trailers
13. Extra Deep Cargo Bed
15.Tunnel form to accomodate Launches

....And more!

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